Case study - Olympic event made smooth by EK Human Resources

Dave Randall had a large responsibility when the Olympic Torch Relay came to Dover district on 18 and 19 July 2012.

As Dover District Council’s Director of Governance, he worked worked closely with EK Human Resources health and safety advisor, Steve Turner, to ensure that all went according to plan.

The Olympic Flame was carried in Dover, Deal and Sandwich over a two-day period, and there was also an evening music and fireworks event on Dover seafront.

He said: “Steve just worked as part of the team and he did a great job. We worked round the clock in making sure that the event was a success.”

On the day of the Torch Relay, Dave and his colleagues were working from 6.00 am, until 1.00 am the following day. The long hours were needed to cover a music and firework show that Dover hosted on the evening of 18 July, and which was attended by thousands of spectators.

 “It took over our world at Dover,” said Dave, “but we were offered sound, practical advice by Steve. He really stepped up to the mark and did a great job.”

He added: “There were lots of complexities and potential complications, but it all went off really well and we had lots of plaudits.”

And Dave feels that the advice he received from EK Human Resources and Steve was invaluable.

Dave said: “It didn’t feel like we were dealing with a consultant – he just felt like he was one of the team. Steve carried out a lot of the work on the risk assessments and event project management plan.”

Dave also believed that, thanks to the input from EK Human Resources, everyone at Dover District Council learned a great deal. And this knowledge that can be carried forward when Dover hosts other large-scale organised activities in the future.

He said: “Steve had the skills in dealing with a big event. The Torch Relay in Dover was diverse and dynamic, and was also a multi-agency environment. It involved co-ordination with agencies such as the police.

“But thanks to the support that we received from Steve and EK Human Resources, we always felt confident with the advice we were given.”