Case study - making the workplace safer

For all organisations, the health and safety of employees is of paramount importance – and this duty of care also extends to members of the public. EK Human Resources’, Steve Tuner and Sheila Coupe have wide experience in providing health and safety advice to complex organisations, and have helped to implement best practice in a wide variety of settings.

At Thanet District Council, Steve and Sheila work alongside the council’s Director of Operational Services, Mark Seed. This has been in relation to the services he runs, but also supporting the corporate role he plays with regard to health and safety management. Mark’s remit is extensive, and includes overall responsibility for the council-owned port and harbour at Ramsgate, its cleansing, waste and recycling facilities, and grounds maintenance, as well as all the council’s property and the cremation and cemetery services.

Mark said: “We continue to work with Steve and Sheila very closely, and they helped us to make a significant difference to the council’s health and safety arrangements. We developed health and safety mapping across the council and worked together with EK Human Resources to try and embed all this as part of how we do our day-to-day work.”

Steve and Sheila were instrumental in advising on the process of inspecting the workings of Ramsgate port and harbour. They also had a significant input into satisfying the requirements of the Health and Safety Executive. Beyond the port, Sheila and Steve have also worked very closely on Thanet’s waste and recycling service, ensuring that employees with manual jobs do not have their wellbeing compromised.

EK Human Resources also give fire risk assessments, manual handling training and event risk management to the Thanet workforce.

And Steve and Sheila continue to offer their expertise, regularly attending meetings of the council’s Health and Safety Committee, where they offer advice to senior managers and staff and work in partnership with the unions.

Mark said: “We have had lots of health and safety support from Sheila and Steve at EK Human Resources – they provide an excellent service for us. This has been recognised by the Audit Partnership in their review of health and safety arrangements across east Kent and its improvement at Thanet.”