Case study - a complex process made easier

EK Services was established in 2011, and carries out an array of business functions previously performed by Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council and Thanet District Council.

Functions conducted by the east Kent authorities, such as ICT, council tax administration and business rates administration are now carried out by EK Services.

But the vast majority of current EK Services staff were previously employed by the three authorities and had to go through a Transfer of Undertakings Protection of Earnings (TUPE) process when the organisation was established.

More than 400 staff were involved in the process of transferring to EK Services, and the work started a year in advance of the EK Services formation.

Not only were the staff leaving their traditional employers, but they also had to become familiar with the concept of a ‘shared service’ and joining a new organisation comprising new colleagues, new structures and new managers.

Naturally, the TUPE transfer involved the staff from the very beginning, so that everyone felt informed about the large logistical, administrative and managerial undertaking.

Shared Services Director, Donna Reed said: “EK Human Resources guided us through a very complex situation – and helped us with the positive and negative aspects of all involved.”

Donna worked closely with EK Human Resources’ Amy Remasi during the TUPE transfer and subsequent structure reorganisation, and Amy’s expert advice proved to be invaluable.

Donna said: “Amy and the rest of the team were brilliant at asking us if we’d covered everything on the itinerary, making sure we’d left nothing out.”

She added: “The advice that we received was really, really brilliant, and it was vital during the 90-day staff consultation period.

“We’d never done anything like this before, but thanks to the guidance from EK Human Resources, there was minimum disruption for all the staff involved. Everything was done in a timely fashion and we received compliments from the unions.

“We were supported through the whole process by EK Human Resources, and we were very happy with the result.”